Jupiter Energy

Presenting tons of info in a beautiful way.

The Problem

Jupiter Energy was a new energy company that needed to make a large impact in a short period of time. Their desire was to be seen as an advanced company that operated at a higher tier than their competitors. The board of directors was stacked with heavy hitters, so they needed a way to amplify that to the public.

The Solution

Designs were developed that took what is typically dry material and made it incredibly dynamic and engaging. Using a broad selection of design elements, the site would ultimately become a beautifully engaging representation of their company.

While most sites would be blocks of text and images mixed in for no true functional reason, the Jupiter site used every inch of screen real estate to reiterate their mission statement of being an advanced group that was operating at the top of their class.

Ultimately the plan worked out for them, and they were acquired for $626 million in 2020. While it is an absolute heartbreaker that the site is no longer online, this page will have to do.