Each client we work alongside brings a unique set of obstacles to overcome and we’re always excited to help them find solutions. Below is a collection of some of the companies we’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with.

Jupiter Resources

Challenge: Jupiter was a new company that needed to make a splash with a visually engaging site that gave them a cutting-edge look.

Solution: We helped deliver a visually ambitious design on relatively tight timeline. The site includes features such as interactive maps, high-end photo galleries, tabbed content containers for pages with high volumes of text, and over 12 unique page layouts.

Maxwell Developments

Challenge: Maxwell Developments required a visually clean site to introduce their brand, but it also needed to be robust enough to grow alongside them.

Solution: We designed and developed a site that not only communicated their messaging to potential clients, but also gave them the flexibility to begin blogging and posting news articles once they were ready to. The layouts were designed to be highly customizable for the staff so they can deliver their content in any manner they choose.

Synaptix Learning

Challenge: Synaptix was growing beyond their niche and were finding that the website created through a website builder application wasn’t able to grow along with them. They required a site and brand shift that would display a level of legitimacy to potential clients.

Solution: We went through a total rebranding exercise to give the company a look that matched their professionalism. They were provided a new style guide to follow to keep their content more consistent and on-brand. We also employed user experience testing to determine what the people in their target demographic were looking for in a site.

Alta Injection Molding

Challenge: Alta Injection Molding caters to a very wide audience of potential clients that require everything from 3D printed prototypes to milk crates. They needed a site that clearly communicated the various complexities of what they do. It was estimated that individual members of the company were losing hundreds of hours each year providing site tours to clients that weren’t the target audience.

Solution: We did a content overhaul and created a site to better educate potential clients before they arrived at the facility. We also created a form that helped streamline the new client on-boarding process that allowed users to fill out their information online instead of faxing or scanning a physical document.