All projects are a bit different, but here is a sample process outlining how most of our projects roll out:

Initial meeting

  • This is our chance to get to know each other and determine if we’re a good fit.
  • You can tell us about where you’re at and what goals you want to achieve.
  • We’ll ask a ton of questions to get an overall feel for what you do and what you need.
  • In return, you can ask whatever you’d like about how things are run on our end.
  • We’ll establish a ballpark estimate just to make sure we’re compatible.


  • Once we’ve had our discussion, a more concrete estimate will be sent along for you to review.
  • If everybody is in agreement and excited to move forward, we’ll send over an invoice (50% of the estimate) and a contract that goes over how payment is structured and how the timeline plays out.
  • Once the initial payment is received on our end, the project officially kicks off.

Weekly Communication

  • Each week you will receive a breakdown email that goes over the particulars of the project and where we’re at.
  • It will summarize what’s been done, next steps, what’s on the radar, and what roadblocks (if any) need to be dealt with.
  • This breakdown will be sent each week until the project concludes.

Site Map, Wireframe, and Content

  • First we lay the groundwork with a sitemap – a visual breakdown of page titles that outline your site.
  • This is our chance to run a content audit to see what you need and what you don’t.
  • Once we’ve established a map, we can move on to the wireframe which will help us determine how many layouts you require and how we’re going to use the site to solve your unique challenges.
  • While we’re doing these things, you’ll be gathering or developing your content so we can incorporate it into the next steps.

User Experience Testing

  • At this point we do a quick test to make sure our direction is going to work for your staff and target audience.
  • With your goals in mind, we will run sample users through a short trial to ensure the site layout is intuitive and on track to hit your goals.


  • Next comes the fun design stuff! We’ll produce a series of images so you can see what the layouts are going to look like.
  • You’ll be presented with the layouts at various sizes so you can see what the layouts will look like on various devices.

Prototype Development

  • It’s now time to get our blood, sweat, and (hopefully few) tears onto the internet.
  • The mockup will be transitioned into a fully functional website, created in a development environment where we can be free to test and iterate before it goes live.

Prototype Testing and Round 2 of User Experience Testing

  • A new meeting is scheduled once the prototype is ready for eyes.
  • You and your staff (or whomever is tasked with eventually updating the site) will take a look not only at how the site looks in a web browser, but also how the site is updated.
  • We’ll run you through activities such as uploading new content, managing form emails, and other critical tasks.
  • You can provide feedback at this stage not only about the user-facing site, but also the back-end where things are updated so that there are no unpleasant surprises come launch day.
  • We’ll also take the prototype to more members of your target audience to once again ensure we’re on track to hit your goals.

Launch Prep

  • At this stage we put on music to simulate an 80s movie montage and work through your final edits.
  • The site is tweaked and polished. We get the analytics installed, make sure it looks solid across all current browsers, and go through a huge checklist to get it ready for prime time.


  • All our hard work and training has led to this: it’s time to toss the bird out of the nest and see if it’ll fly – and fly it shall!
  • We’ll closely monitor how everything plays out and track our goals to make sure that users are finding what they need.

Ongoing Support

  • Should you decide this whole “internet thing” just isn’t your cup of tea, we can remain in constant contact to serve all your internet needs.
  • Be it security, backups, or content updating, just let us know what tasks you hate to do and we’ll take them off your plate so you can get back to the things you enjoy.